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World Trade Center – API Luncheon – July 17th

energy field trip
I remember the morning distinctly. Moments earlier, Russian separatists had shot down Malaysian Airlines Flight 17. This tragic event served as a reminder of the political, social, and economic volatility that exists in other parts of the world. Earlier this week James McFarland, our program director, emphasized the importance of being well informed about geopolitical news because of its direct impact on the energy industry. (...)

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Last Updated 8/13/14

A Visit to Entergy's Nine Mile Point Facility

What does efficiency mean to the average citizen? Perhaps, for some of us it means prioritizing errands for the day or maybe for students it means the fastest way to study for classes. For Entergy, one of the nation's largest electric utilities, efficiency means generating power using a combined-cycle natural gas turbine power plant (CCGT).  (...)

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Last Updated 8/22/14

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