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Beyond the Classroom – LNG Trucking Project

energy field trip
Using natural gas for high horsepower applications is an endeavor the energy industry is working toward. One way I am learning about this is in our Energy Projects class. Students pick a topic at the beginning of the semester then are partnered with faculty and corporate sponsors. I am on a team of four working toward ideas on how to build the infrastructure for liquefied natural gas (LNG)

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Last Updated 10/15/14

Gulf Coast Electricity Transmission Summit Held on Tulane's Campus

Learning at Tulane's MME program doesn't stop just because class is over. Whether it's networking in Houston, going to offshore production platforms, or attending industry conferences the opportunity to expand your energy expertise isn't limited to what can be found in textbooks. On Thursday October 16th the Tulane Law School, The College of Science and Engineering, and Freeman School of Business hosted (...)

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Last Updated 10/23/14

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